Going Green

We are continuously optimizing ways to be environmentally friendly throughout our operations.

Some of the ways we are going Green:

  • All paper products we use are 100% recycled.
  • We offer refunds to our customers on the return of used cartons. Cartons that cannot be re-used are recycled.
  • We use a custom designed program to manage our vehicle operating efficiencies.
  • Our vehicles are equipped with satellite monitoring devise to assist with routing efficiencies, reducing engine idling times, operating performance metrics and much more.
  • We are constantly replacing our vehicles with newer, more fuel efficient models.
  • We ask our customers to recycle newspapers, aluminum cans and glass bottles. Seek out your community's recycling system and make use of it.
  • Awareness is the most important green tip of all. We kindly ask that you inform as many people as possible about these steps for going Green.
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