Training Program

Our employees go through a comprehensive training program prior to entering into service. The program is made up of 4 modules.

Module #1

Class Room - Curriculum

  • Quality improvement processes
  • Appearance and image
  • Customer relations
  • The cycle of a move:
    • Paperwork
    • Equipment
    • Communication
    • Protecting the residence
    • Packing
    • Padding and protecting furniture
    • Loading techniques
    • Claims prevention
    • Unloading
    • Completion of paperwork
  • Test and scoring
  • Review where necessary

Module #2

Training Trailer - Curriculum (The following is performed by the Training Instructor with the assistance of the trainees)

  • Unload 2000 lbs. of household goods
  • Folding pads (Furniture blankets)
  • Set-up furniture
  • Unpack shipment (Kitchen items, glassware and other breakables)
  • Repack cartons
  • Perform an descriptive inventory of furniture and cartons
  • Pad all furniture items
  • Load and properly stack the furniture and cartons into tiers in the training trailer

Module #3

Training Trailer - Curriculum

The same steps are followed as in Module #2 only the actual process is performed by the Trainees with the Training Instructor providing Supervision

Module #4

On the Job Training

Each Trainee goes out as an extra on a move where the Onsite-Trainer supervises the Trainee as the service is being performed. (The Customer gets the trainee at no additional cost and is approved by the Customer in advance of the service)

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