Packing Services

We offer packing services, from packing your entire goods, to just breakables or even a few cartons; the option is up to you. Our packing services are available on both local and long distance moves.

Packing is one of the most important services you can choose for your move. We will take extra care when packing your possessions. Our packers are experienced professionals who will, handle all items with great care.

Some of the advantages of a Bekins packed move:

  • More time to deal with all the other important things that need to get done during your move
  • Your home stays organized and intact up until move date (Many Customers that pack their own goods find their homes in turmoil because they generally need to start packing weeks in advance of moving, where as we come in the day before or day of the move to pack your goods)
  • Reduced chance of damaging your valuable possessions
  • Items stay organized and in place and are properly labeled for room location at destination
  • Bekins packed items are covered if by chance they are damaged during the move

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